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We are transforming our membership structure and processes. This requires all members to re-register at this site. See below for details.

Benefits of membership:

  • Access to scientific meetings twice a year
  • Printed copy of Anaesthesia Points West twice a year
  • Trainees' prize and bursary opportunities
  • Newsletters via email
  • Be part of one of the largest regional communities of anaesthetists
  • Great value for low subs

Subscription payments are taken immediately from your credit/debit card when you join.

Renewals are automatically taken from your card annually. You are informed about this in advance.

You may opt out of automatic renewal at any time in the members area of the SASWR website.

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SASWR Membership Transformation Spring 2019

 In essence, we are overhauling our membership administration as we need to replace manual processes with a software-driven membership system online. 

We believe these changes are needed to keep the Society going in the long term, and a little short term pain will be worth the long term gain. 

Why are we changing? 

Our current manual procedures for administering the Society are labour intensive and no longer fit for purpose. 
Our list of members does not correlate well with our list of direct debit subscriptions. 
We need to maximise our subscriptions revenue to continue to pay for the Society and production of the journal. The software will help us keep track of who is subscribing. 
There are inaccuracies in our records, for example trainees who have now become consultants. 
Our existing website and event registration systems are run by enthusiastic amateurs, not properly supported by IT professionals. There are potential security risks with this approach - they have not been a problem yet. 
The membership software allows for new possibilities, such as polls, discussion forums and connecting members together. It is also more secure, as it complies with the latest internet protocols and data protection laws. 

            What are we changing? 

            We are moving to a membership management provider called WildApricot. It is a cloud service designed for non-profit organisations like ours. The services that we will use initially: 
            Member management 
            Event registration 
            Mass email marketing 
            We will be winding down some of our our current systems eg: 
            Membership application, records etc 
            Subscription payments by direct debit 
            Existing website, including meeting registration process 

            What is staying the same?

            The core benefits of membership will remain, and we hope they will only be enhanced by the changes: 
                              Bi-annual scientific meetings 
                              Points West journal - printed and electronic copies 
                              Prizes and bursaries 
                              Social and professional networking 
                              What does this mean for me? 
                              The new SASWR website will be the hub for your personal membership record and event registration. From the site, you can manage your personal details and subscription payments. You can register for meetings as a member, gaining the members’ discount. 

                              We will ask you to login or register for the first time at the site. Then you will check your record and set up your subscription payments. If you have a direct debit set up for subscriptions, you will need to cancel this yourself as we cannot do so from our bank. 

                              On a yearly basis, you will receive email notification that your subs are due. You will have the option to cancel your membership at any time, or do nothing and it will carry on automatically. 

                              If you wish to register for a meeting, you must become a member of the society. If you wish to leave the society afterwards, this is simple to achieve at the website when you login.

                              The majority of existing subscriptions payments are made in October. We acknowledge this means you will over-pay slightly. If you feel strongly that you would like a refund of the part-year you have already paid then please talk to the treasurer at the meeting - otherwise the additional income received by the society will be used to continue to support our activities including bursaries and prizes' etc.   

                                      What is the timeline? 

                                      We hope to get as many members set up on the new site as soon as possible. Meeting registration for June 2019 opens on the new website in March 2019. Registering for the meeting is a perfect time to set up your membership on the new website. 

                                      As development is still ongoing, we will keep the old website running until the Autumn.  

                                      Most of our direct debits are due in October so you should attend to this before then if you wish to remain a member. By October 2020, we will only consider you a member if you are registered on the new website. Paper copies of the journal will only be posted to registered members. 

                                      If you do not wish to remain a member at any point, please let us know. We cannot stop your direct debit. If you are having difficulty with the process, please get in touch before abandoning the Society! 


                                      Department of Anaesthesia 

                                      Location A 704

                                      Bristol Royal Infirmary

                                      Bristol BS2 8HW

                                      tel: +44 (0)117 342 2301

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