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Society of Anaesthetists of the South Western Region 

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Who are we?

We are the Society of Anaesthetists for the South Western Region. An inclusive and active organisation for anaesthetists and associated professionals since 1947. We host biannual academic meetings as well as having a range of social and developmental opportunities for all grades and backgrounds.

What do we do?  

⦁ We hold academic meetings in Spring and Autumn as an opportunity to learn, present, and network

⦁ There is the opportunity for trainees to present their work and projects for valuable prizes

⦁ We support trainee-led societies in the South West, including STAR, SWARM, SEASN and SAP

⦁ We offer a travel bursary to support trainees aspiring to undertake overseas voluntary work

⦁ We publish a bi-annual journal, Anaesthesia Points West, which provides updates from all the regional trusts, as well as educational articles. Members are encouraged to publish their work in the journal

How can I get involved?

Join the society. Membership is affordable and provides a range of benefits, journal access and opportunities to apply for prizes and funding. We welcome anyone from any background with an interest in anaesthesia, including specialty doctors, non-medically trained professionals, and retired anaesthetists

⦁ Attend a meeting and get the opportunity to build CPD, keep up to date, visit a different part of the region. Just as important is the opportunity to network with friends and colleagues, old and new. There is always a social dinner with music, good food, and a chance to have some fun.

⦁ Get involved in organising and committee roles to shape our future. We have a small society committee and ad-hoc local organising committees for each of the scientific meetings. Either have opportunities for all grades of anaesthetist, including trainee representative posts and lay committee members. The local committees are always looking for keen volunteers to help with the logistics and programmes and would welcome enquiries for future meetings.

⦁ Present your work and maybe win a prize! This might be at  scientific meetings where there are prizes for posters and oral presentations, or it may be written work, for example, the sustainability prize. Consider submitting an article for publication in our regional journal. The bar for acceptance is somewhat lower than the BJA!

⦁ Apply for a bursary - our annual travel bursary offers an amazing opportunity for overseas travel and work. We also offer funding for local organisations. We are always keen to support valuable work within the region, please get in touch if you feel you have a worthy cause. 

How do I find out more? 

Browse our website and make contact with your local representative. There are trainee representatives in both Severn and Penninsula who are always accessible. 

Whether you have something to present or not, attending a SASWR meeting is always enjoyable, educational and a great way to meet new and old colleagues. So, join up and come along!


Next meeting: Exeter 21-22 November 2024

Upcoming events



SASWR c/o Department of Anaesthesia 

Location A 704

Bristol Royal Infirmary

Bristol BS2 8HW

tel: +44 (0)117 342 2301


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